w-w-silk / gut snares adapter

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This wire-wound silk / gut / cable snares adaptor fits most of the standard throw-offs & butt plates.
It's made for mounting 12 individual snare strands (up to 1.8mm in diameter).

- handcrafted in-house
- solid brass

type A: fits most modern snare drums in one or the other way (depending on the throw-off type / please inquire if you have any doubts)

type B: for mid 1925-26 Super-Ludwig to late 1960s Ludwig Super Sensitive & Leedy 1932-36 Broadway Parallel mechanisms - out of stock -

price: 110,00€
per set (snare wires extra) / worldwide shipping and all taxes incl.




for proper installation you need:

- side cutting pliers
- skilled fingers
- and a tiny bit of patience...