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Slingerland 3-pt throw-off lever reproduction
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lever reproductions for Slingerland 3-pt (#967 Speedy Sure Hold Strainer) and DuAll parallel mechanisms.

A - raw brass
B - repro ArtGold (aged)
C - nickel plated (aged or new)
D - chrome


also available:
tnA/B/C - knurled thumb nuts (N8x32 UNC thread / small, female version) for the early throw-off types.

prices (all taxes & internat. shipping included):
   A: 37,00€
   B: 40,00€
   C: 40,00€
   D: 40,00€
tnA: 14,00€
tnB: 16,00€
tnC: 16,00€


"Slingerland U.S.A. pats.pend." on front / "AK" embossing on the back

long- and short versions available