Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

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Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

5x14" 1mm brass shell BB Orchestra model

- 1-piece brass shell (1mm) 
- standard batter- and pointed resonant bearing edge (AK standard double flanged/hollow/soldered-back)
- class. crimped type snare beds
- NYPhil throw-off
- NYPhil butt plate & snare bridge (bottom hoop mounted)
- 4mm SB hoops
- 10 class. tube lugs
- brass t-rods & washers 
- Hannabach "Orchestra Brilliant" wire-wound silk snares (2 different types)
- natural calf batter head (Irish KALFO prime choice for snare drum / translucent / tucked on brass flesh hoop)
- hand engraved "Flame scrolls" pattern + orchestra name

hardware finish: class. GunMetal
shell finish: "polished patina" / raw

custom made for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra (Belgium)