2-piece copper shell black beauties

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2-piece copper shell black beauties

4.5x14" & 6x14"

1st ever 2-pc copper shell Black Beauties!!

Special custom ordered down to the bone and currently en route to their forever home in Australia.

- 2-piece copper shells w. standard AK bearing edges (double flanged/hollow/soldered-back) & crimped type snare beds
- class. GunMetal finish - full hand engraved (custom designed "Triumphal Scrolls & Roses" pattern)
- repro DeLuxe finished hardware (translucent amber lacquer on polished copper plating) /
 slightly (!!) aged
- AK Standard throw-offs & butt plates (hand engraved AK logo on t-o only)
- 8 class. tube lugs
- 3mm SolidBrass hoops on the 4.5x14" / 5mm on the 6x14"
- brass t-rods & washers
- class. 12 str. coiled steel wire Snappi Snares

100% handcrafted
100% passion
100% AK