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8x14" 2mm brass

custom made for Edoardo Giachino (Rome, Italy)

- 1-piece 2mm brass shell w. double flanged/hollow/soldered-back bearing edges
- "3x4" orchestra throw-off (3 slides for 3 different types of wire-wound silk snares)
- "NYPhil" butt plate
- adjustable (height) snare bridges
- 10 NYPhil tube lugs (flex. swivel nuts)
- 5mm SB hoops
- brass tension rods & washers

- shell: hand engraved stars & face / two-tone "bruhed patina finish / oil sealed
- hardware: DeLuxe repro (polished copper plating + transparent amber lacquer) / aged

- No.1: the only 2mm brass shell snare drum in this size/shell construction in existence!