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8x13" J.H. Dual prototype

linking two musical worlds... classical and modern!

- 8x13" 1-piece copper shell (0.8mm / undersized)

standard AK bearing edges (double flanged/hollow/soldered-back)
- class. crimped type snare beds

- polished patina finish (raw) on shell + hardware
- 8 class. tube lugs 
- 1x NYPhil throw-off + class. Hannabach wire-wound silk snares (12 str. / 8+4)
- 1x Standard throw-off + class. Snappi Snares (12str.)
- dual butt plate 
- 4mm SB hoops w. spec. snare gates
- brass t-rods & washers
- natural calf batter head (tucked on brass flesh hoop) / plastic resonant

prototype custom made for Jörg Hannabach (Munich Philharmonic / Germany)