Krzysztof Nowakowski

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Krzysztof Nowakowski

6.5x10" Copper special

- 6.5x10" 1-piece copper shell (0.8mm)
- standard AK bearing edges (double flanged/hollow/soldered-back) & crimped type snare beds
- hand engraved signature and Sakura flower / AK & date embossed w. vintage punch type letters
- shell and hardware in "polished brass patina" finish (raw)
- AK Standard throw-off & butt plate 
- 6 class. tube lugs
- SolidBrass hoops
- two different batter hoops (1x standard 4mm for sticks playing / 1x 3mm low collar for hand playing)
- brass t-rods & washers
- class. 12 str. coiled steel wire Snappi Snares

custom made for Krzysztof Nowakowski (Poland)