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Museumsorchester Frankfurt

22x14" brass shell Dresdner type Rührtrommel

- 1-piece brass shell (0.7mm)
- standard Dresdner type bearing edges (round-over with 5mm brass rod inlay) & snare beds
- Dresdner Rührtrommel type (single slide) throw-off & butt plate 
- 8 Dresdner type tube lugs
- Dresdner type hoops
- short-hearded tension rods
- tripod Rührtrommel stand
- natural calf batter head (tucked on brass flesh hoop)
- plastic snare side head
- wire-wound silk snares (10str. heavy "class. American" type)
- hand engraved name and logo of the orchestra

shell finish: irregular "brushed patina" / oil sealed
hardware finish: nickel plated

custom made for the Museumsorchester Frankfurt (Germany)