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a couple of CoBras and Copper Standards, custom made for Tré Cool of Green Day

5.75x14" / 6.5x14" / 7x14" Copper Standards 
5x14" CoBras

- 1-piece copper shells (0.8mm) / 2-piece copper/brass shells (0.8/0.7mm)
- standard AK bearing edges (double flanged/hollow/soldered-back) & crimped type snare beds
- brushed patina" finish / oil sealed
- nickel plated hardware 
- 10 class. tube lugs
- Standard throw-offs & butt plates
- 4mm SB hoops
- brass t-rods & washers
- class. 12str. Snappi Snares

+ exclusive, handcrafted drum keys for all drums!