for Australia!

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for Australia!

...custom made for Opera Australia Orchestra for their upcoming season at the Sydney Opera House.

22"x36cm (classic metric size) brass shell Dresdner type "Rührtrommel" with classic bearing edges / honey amber "brushed patina" finish / oil sealed - 8 Dresdner tube lugs (flexible threaded inserts) - Dresdner "single slide" throw-off - Dresdner hoops - brass t-rods (short heads) - spec. tripod stand - AK selected calf heads on top & bottom / tucked on brass flesh hoops - 10 strands of "Class.

American" (heavy) w-w-s snares - hand engraved orchestra name / "Opera Australia Orchestra"

as always... 100% handcrafted in-house @ AK Drums - Workshop!!


Opera Australia Orchestra